A labour market survey on Eritrea [EBOOK]
Upskilling and professional training in ICT, hospitality and cold chain sectors
Agosto 2023
76 pag
ISBN: 978-88-230-2493-9
The research is the result of an extensive fieldwork involving companies, formal and informal workers, unemployed people, students and training centres. It provides a rare and up-to-date insight into the field of labour rights and the labour market in Eritrea, focusing on upskilling and vocational training in the IT, tourism and cold chain sectors. The research provides a thorough analysis of the needs related to vocational training in Eritrea, specifically in the major economic centers of Asmara and Massawa, with the purpose of providing a comprehensive framework for the preparation of training courses to develop professional skills. It seeks to capture aspects of demand and supply in the labor market in the fields of information technology, tourism, and the cold chain. The merit of this research goes beyond shedding light on data concerning the Eritrean labor market today; it also highlights the importance of development cooperation in promoting a global agenda for decent work, in a complex geopolitical context.
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